Junior Boys’ win Silver at National Cross Country Champs

Congratulations to our Junior Boys Cross Country team who at the weekend won Silver medals in both the 3 man Competition and the 6 man competition.

The full results from the event were as follows. Congratulations to all runners who took part.

Yr 9 3000m  (141 finishers)

Junior 4000m (156 finishers) Senior 6000m (182 finishers)
Hugo Batchelor 41st 11:24 Zane Powell 10th 13:39 George Cory-Wright 24th 20.36
Toby Tasker 48th 11:29 Cameron O’Brien 14th 14:08 Jamie Robertson 49th 21.05
Henry Kaye 53rd 11:33 Sebastian Wharton 15th 14:10 Charlie Knox 73rd 21.50
Jack Mitchell 138th 13:22 James Harding 29th 14:38 Oliver Rogers 78th 21.58
  Sam Finnegan 41st 14:52 Bruno Corban 91st 22.13
  Callum Jeffries 69th 15:19 James Wharton 92nd 22.17
    Elliott Wilkinson 102nd 22:32
    Tim Matthews 105th 22:33
    Eddie Day 107th 22:33
     George Carr Smith 167th 25:15


3 man team 10th from 19 teams 3 man team 2nd from 19 teams  3 man team 9th from 17 teams
  6 man team 2nd from 8 teams 6 man team 6th from 9 teams