King’s Boys’ Premier touch fall agonisingly short

In an immensely tense semi final King’s were able to win in an extra time drop off against Westlake with both teams down to only 3 players.
A seesaw game saw some outstanding attack and very average defence from King’s to see a high scoring encounter.
The game opened with a lovely try to Troy Faiva off an Aidan Morgan scoop and huge right hand pass. That was the end of the King’s points until after halftime and we trailed 1-2 at the break.
The second half was a showcase of attacking talent. Meihana Grindlay scored out wide off a Harry Kaveriri solo run. We were never able to work our way into the lead, but alternated scoring to stay in touch with Westlake. Tries were scored by Ali Leiataua, Chicago Doyle on a solo effort, Budda Doyle with a diving play and finally Luron Iosefa to draw the game on the hooter and put it into extra time. Up stepped the Doyle cousins and a lovely interplay ended with Budda diving over to much excitement.
In the final it went down to another last second nail-bitter but this time we were on the receiving end and lost 2-3 to AGS.
In an outstanding, and tightly contested game, the halftime score line of 1-0 to King’s reflected the excellent defence of both teams. Dayton Iobu’s solo run was all that separated the teams.
The second half was equally as tight with a try in the early part to AGS. They followed this up with a fine effort through our middle to lead 1-2. Budda Doyle did his customary diving try to even it up and it looked set to go to a drop-off. As the final hooter went King’s couldn’t quite finish it off and conceded the winner to lose 2-3.
A great season with qualification into Nationals as the second seed from the upper North Island.